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Sandra Muñiz reviewed CupiEssential – ★★★

10 January 2017 · 

Ok so I have been using essential oils for quite a while now. My favorite by far has been from a wellness company(Melaleuca) but I lost the subscription with them so I had to try different oils. I was very excited to Order these oils because they claim to be 100% organic and natural.
Shipping was fast and arrived sooner then expected 
I ordered peppermint and lavender.
First off the lavender was bigger then the peppermint and cheaper but wasn’t happy that bottle wasn’t full, (will attach picture so you can see it wasn’t full) and the peppermint… well I am disappointed I usually use peppermint oil on the temples of my head as well as my forehead for migraines with most oils I get a cool sensation that help my migraines a lot, but this one I feel nothing but a tiny bit of burning. So that said it won’t work for what I ordered it for. 
Scent is good on diffuser so I will just use both on that.

Courtney Goza reviewed CupiEssential – ★★★★★

31 August 2016 · 

Fast shipping and the oils are high quality. The lavender was much more fragrant and had a more pleasing smell than what I last purchased from a health food store. I was extremely impressed by what I received. I will be showing friends these oils.

Angela Jo Dellipoala reviewed CupiEssential – ★★★★★

9 August 2015 · 

This Essential Oils page kept their word. I messaged her for the free samples promotion and I got my 3 free samples no later than a week or two later. They even sent me the UPS taking number through a Facebook message. The samples smell amazing and my fiance and I plan on purchasing more!

Ronda Glines reviewed CupiEssential – ★★★★★

12 August 2015 · 

I was very happy with the quick shipment of the samples I received. I love the oils and plan to buy more.