Welcome to CupiEssential!


 About Us

We are a family company founded in Balkan, Europe. Our success story is the pure natural and organic essential oils. We produce 100% natural oils distilled with steam method from hand selected flowers. Since our inception in 1992, our main objective is to produce essential oils in an environment where excellence is everyone’s goal. We give the maximum attention to every single product that we produce, by being very specific on the harvesting time or even on the extracting method which is steam distillation.



Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great gift from nature which they demand a lot of care in their production. CupiEssential ensures to get the most beneficial properties by maintaining the ratio of aromatic components found in every product we manufacture.  Essential oils are composed of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells, and some compounds in essential oils can even cross the blood-brain barrier. Our geographic position is very competitive in the quality of our products. Organic Essential Oils are having a tremendous growth in our daily life and we are excited to share this with our amazing customers all over the world.


Our People

Every farmer for us is considered part of CupiEssential family. They are the most important part of our process. Everyone is trained with care and love before they gather the great gifts that nature gave us. Our mission has inspired many people around our region to grow constantly with us and that fulfills us with joy and accomplishment. It’s our PEOPLE who make CupiEssential a step above!


Our Goals

With our experience at CupiEssential and our premium quality we satisfy customers around the world. The process of production of every essential oil is very detailed and important for us. Our quality is ORGANIC sealed and the best in our region.  We chase perfection so we can catch excellence. This is our main goal.