5 Top Essential Oils to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions

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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments.

The particles in essential oils come from distilling or extracting the different parts of plants, including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and peels. In ancient times, Jews and Egyptians made essential oils by soaking the plants in oil and then filtering the oil through a linen bag.

With that said, essential oils might help you to achieve your new year goals and see them to the finish line!


Think about what happens to most people each year after they make their New Year’s resolutions. At New Years they are very excited about the future and what they are going to accomplish in the upcoming year.

But, after a few weeks, or a few months, most people give up or forget all about what they were so determined to achieve! So we have picked the top 5 Essential oils to keep up with you resolution so you can achieve your goals!

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a very invigorating oil, very friendly and can be used for many purposed in your daily life! It can be used to help others to think more clearly and to focus on what they want to accomplish!

Peppermint essential oil gives a cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the body, which can relieve sore muscles when used topically. It also has antimicrobial properties so it can help freshen bad breath and soothe digestive issues.

Peppermint is also said to help you to have an open mind to receive new ideas! What a great oil to start the New Year with!

peppermint oil

2. Lavender Oil 

Lavender essential oil is by far one of the most favorite essential oils to use by many aromatherapy fans. It’s certainly one of our most loved oils as well.

Lavender is one of the most versatile oils, and there are many awesome benefits to using lavender oil with its sweet, flowery aroma. As I’ve become more and more used to essential oils in my daily life, I’m always looking at new and improved ways to integrate them into my daily routines. Lavender oil blends well with many other essential oils including cedarwood, pine, clary sage, geranium, and nutmeg. Today, lavender essential oil is frequently used in various forms including aromatherapy oil, gels, infusion, lotion, and soaps, etc…

lavender oil

3. Clary Sage Oil

 Clary Sage Oil Supports Hormone Balance & Relieves Menstrual Pain. The clary sage plant has a lengthy history as a medicinal herb. It’s a perennial in the genus Salvi, and its scientific name is salvia sclarea. Clary sage is considered to be one of the top essential oils for hormones, especially in women.

  Many claims have been made as to its benefits when dealing with cramps, heavy menstrual cycles, hot flashes and hormonal imbalances. It’s also known for its ability to increase circulation, support the digestive system, improve eye health and fight leukemia.

sage oil

4. Lemon Essential Oil

  This is an essential oil that we are all familiar with. But did you know that Lemon helps to rejuvenate the mind and to promote clear thinking?

It is a great scent to increase alertness!

Use lemon to help stick with your New Year’s resolutions!

5. Pine Essential Oil

Pine essential oil is obtained from the tree commonly known as pine, which has the scientific name Pinus sylvestris. It is believed that this tree originated in Austria and Russia before spreading to different parts of the world. If you are still not sure what tree we are referring to, you have probably seen it used as a Christmas tree all over the world! One of the reasons that pine oil has become such an important element in supplemental health is its availability.

The health benefits of pine essential oil are attributed to its antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic, energizing, antiseptic, and aromatic properties.

pine oil

  Make sure to pull out these oils to use while making your New Year’s resolutions! Then continue to use them throughout the year to help you to stick with them!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment letting us know how the oils helped you in sticking with your New Year’s resolutions!

Also be sure to have a Happy & Healthy New Year with our pure Natural and Organic Essential Oils!

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